by Chief Joseph
(first published October 11, 2000)
On your earth plane, you often have "peace meditations." And yet every individual's definition of peace is different. There are as many definitions and kinds of peace on your planet as there are people walking upon it.

Generally, I am not in favor of peace meditations. Why? Because everyone comes to the meditation - or whatever the gathering is - with different, often conflicting ideas, of what peace is. And that defeats the very purpose of your coming together.

However, let me say this: Those who enter into these peace endeavors are coming from a pure heart, from a pure intention. There is certainly no malice in them.

But the ONLY way you can create "peace on earth" is to FIRST create it within yourself. This is a premise many on the earth plane have missed.

You must be at peace within yourself - you must have found peace for yourself - before you will have any peace to give others - before you will ever be able to show others the true path to peace.

And when you do create this "peace on earth," know this: you will all STILL have different ideas of what peace is. There will NEVER be, in your experience in this lifetime, a time when ALL will agree on just exactly what peace on earth is.

You did not come into this particular incarnation - at this particular time in your human history - at this particular time in your own individual history - to create total peace on earth.

You came to this planet at this time to experience diversity - not oneness. And in that diversity you will ALL find joy, once you allow the diversity to be okay. Once you allow yourself, and all others, to be okay just exactly where you all are right now.

In that allowing, and only in that allowing, will you ever find peace on earth.

Peace will never come to earth unless you see - and understand - all will never be one and the same - you are all diverse and different.

You will find peace - total peace - only in accepting and allowing the diversity, and in letting go of your need for sameness.

Peace be with you.

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