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Sunday, September 16, 2001

Dear Souls, In my contemplation I put forth my request as to a message I might give that would be of use in this tragic time. In my meditation, I received the following:


Patriotism, Catholicism, Nationalism, Protestantism, Alarmism, Communism, Dualism, Capitalism, Agnosticism, Shiiteism, Terrorism, Counter-Terrorism, Atheism, Elitism, Dogmatism, Academicism, Cynicism, Egotism, Darwinism, Hedonism, Egalitarianism, Zionism, Anarchism...

ISM's are ideologies, they are not people. Do not be led, in this tragic moment when your emotions are linked to the visualization of death, into the trap that such an abstraction can be your vindication for precious life destroyed without conscience. Do not believe the false promises made you, in your grieving, that the solution to your fears lie in the extension of yet another ideology born of yet another excuse to perpetuate death.


Everything you have learned, every dream you have ever dreamed, every thought-form you have deposited into the womb of fourth dimensional collective consciousness is NOW MANIFESTING. In the OMEGA, all comes before the soul of those who I-Dentify with their creations. Out of this incubator of desire, thought-forms from what has been termed "dream time" are no longer separated by the veil of common light from your sleeping.

You know well from your studies that the time would come when the veil would be lifted and all so-called dreams would be manifest in the exact proportions to which the power of desire has given it a life of its own. You have only, thus far, enjoyed the dimensional time lag in which one could seemingly separate the thought-forms of one's desires through the illusion of a dream/reality curtain which conveniently isolated you from your responsibility.

The abdication of personal responsibility for the thought-forms given power through Divine Creative Impetus has been perpetuated by the illusion that someone else is responsible. The greatest fear is to awaken from the nightmare only to discover that the dream is real. What you dream, what you desire, will be manifest by another part of you somewhere, sometime. It manifests every moment in your time. It has always been so. The question for you to ask is not, where is my enemy; but, rather, what part of YOU is manifesting this abomination of desolation?

Step forth into the Light all ye who have not hated another and wished ill upon them and claim your righteousness. You see, the stage is empty. Therefore, know that you now have the most important work of all your lifetimes before you. NOW IS THE TIME! THIS IS THE HOUR! for you to put all that you have learned, all that you know, all that the Masters have taught you for e'r so long in your times. The question to ask is, not what your armies can do, but rather, what will YOU do as sovereign individuals. What thought-forms will YOU release into the sacred space of God's Mind.

You have been invited to dance the dance of death. Will you accept the invitation? Will you drain the Sacred Life Force from the collective soul to feed the beast of war? Do not think that you will send others to do such filthy work and remain clean yourself. You must decide; not between good and evil, for they are illusions within the ultimate and infinite life of THE ONE. The only decision you must make is that of neutralizing the polarities of this game of annihilation, this desolation, or that of giving your tacit approval to those who would murder in your name. Each of your intentions are known to us, to every entity throughout the Universe. THERE ARE NO SECRETS! There are only deceits.

You must fill the space of mind with the LIGHT of GOD-MIND NOW!!!!!! and every day from this moment forward. You must PROJECT the "Peace That Passeth All Human Understanding" into the hearts of those who seek your enslavement. You cannot do this through the mind alone. The ONLY power that you have at this juncture is that of the HEART OF HEARTS. For that is your ONLY point source, seed crystal of perfect vibration. It is the emmanation of The Genius Frequency, THE VIBRATION of GOD-MIND. This is the power of all powers. You can neutralize the inexorable march to annihilation of life so precious, so sacred. You can stop the missiles with this Power. You can effect the change to neutralize the entropy and destruction of sacred life. It is NOT your government who will do this. It is NOT your neighbor who you must rely upon, nor your enemy who you must seek. It is YOU and only YOU who must assume responsibility as a co-creator.

You anguish over the loss of your loved ones. How shall you vindicate their lives and times upon this earth, their sacrifice, their future lives as they return as your children? Into what world shall your bring them. Who can believe in the retribution and perpetuation of abominations as a solution to your grief? For all that transpires with your blessings and intent shall be a legacy to those who have sacrificed knowingly or unknowingly for you to wake up in these final hours. Your secret joy in retribution is NOT a secret and will affect your soul more deeply than all the lifetimes thus far experienced. It will mock the very ones whom you have sought to honor.

Know you that they have NOT died!? Do not succumb to the manipulation of your grief by the fear brokers and death mongers  in this, your desperate time of need. Those who have passed on, now look upon you, breathless, knowing that the road many now contemplate is the ultimate blasphemy. Your loved ones suffer not for their condition, but for yours. Do you think that those who have passed this plane as a result of this most recent tragedy will celebrate the decisions to murder thousands more in their name? Is that not what all such murder is done in the name of?

Listen you, children of earth. NOW is the time of your times. Your decisions in your hearts define the finality of who you are within the infinite Love that pulses all hearts. The decision to destroy that which was given as a gift will join the ranks of those souls who forfeit their right to inhabit the Many Mansions of THE ONE. Transform your chemical garments into the 5th dimensional power over death through the Christed Consciousness of personal Victory over the temptation to rule a soon to be nonexistent dimension of enslavement through limitation.

Much has been made of the saying, "you can't take it with you," in reference to your gold and other earthly possessions. But we ask you to contemplate what political body, what `ISM shall survive your journey into infinite life, should you choose to live beyond this illusion of your own making. For the answer shall be the same as that of your gold and possessions.

Let The Genius Frequency of True God-Mind solve your problems in giving life unto undying life within the eternality of the true intention of THE ONE. Reject the invitation to fear that which does not exist, but for those who create it for themselves. For death is the contract signed by those who choose to use the creative force of God-Mind to anihilate a future self. It is your choice. It has always been so. Yet it is different now, because in the OMEGA of your time's dimension, there is given the final decision. This one counts for all others. This one is your statement of eternity. All wishes shall be granted and they shall  manifest within the soul that harbors the desire. For what you wish upon another shall be that which is granted to you.

Know that every NOW moment is your FUTURE moment. Contemplate who you are in terms of eternal life, not from the perspective of mortality. And know that the half-life function of that which forms your present chemical shell is destined to be transformed into a full life function of infinite life for those who take charge of the microcosm of self, your personal universe for which you are responsible.

May the Peace That Passeth All Human Understanding pervade your Heart and Mind. May you choose wisely your destiny among the living lights that populate the mind of THE ONE. May you break the vicious cycle of destruction with your personal Light. May you have the courage to take a stand against the false higherarchy led by those who seek the genetics of the flesh and destruction of your eternal souls.

Know that you are sovereign beings, co-creators with THE ONE ULTIMATE CREATOR. Look within your Heart of Hearts for the True Light that burns brighter than a thousand suns. Contemplate what you will NOW create with your sovereign power — project into the womb of the world the same Infinite Love from which you were issued forth into the far reaches of creation. LOOK WITHIN! LISTEN TO YOUR HEART! BE THE CENTER where the wild scythe of madness gains no leverage to swing its demonic blade of death through the gardens of God's Love.

The sheer magnitude of the hideous event is a sign of how desperate those who seek to entrap you in their mock games of good and evil polarities are in the face of your spiritual progress. For the false hierarchy has upped the ante, as you term it, for the simple reason that the spiritual foundations which you have built form a most profound obstacle to their goals of enslavement of consciousness. And know that the Omega of your journey through this time/space rests upon each sovereign individual's choice toward true freedom. For what entity has the power to terminate the freedom of your soul in the vastness of ongoing life. The answer is no one, save you.

Know that those of you who choose not to buy into the calls for blood lust will be the minority in the twelfth hour of your world. For every one of you who remains steadfast in your alignment with THE ONE shall support and be the beacon for a thousand lost and battered souls who seek the island of your peace, comfort and healing. As the fourth dimensional vaults of the collective mind pour through the cracks of mankind's psyche, splitting the reality of Love into incomplete equations of entropy, BE THE ONE through resonance with The Genius Frequency. The answers, the strength, the insights, the guidance will come to you as personal revelation.

Open the vault of your Heart of Hearts. Thou shalt BE the Light. Thou shalt BE the sovereign beacon of your soul's destiny. Thou shalt BE the healing of the deepest wounds. Thou shalt BE the way, the Truth and the Light. Thou shalt BE the sovereign Masters of the new world. Thou shalt BE the ark of the covenant of THE ONE. Thou shalt BE the Loving Mothers of future children of the Light. Thou shalt BE Victorious over death forever — if you choose to BE.


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