We Cannot Fight the Dragon All Day Long
by John MacEnulty

So many ways to love.
So much going on. So many ways to forget.
When things get tough one of the first things we
forget about is beauty, joy, love, happiness.

But nothing is really more important than those things.
They are what makes life worth living. Life would be hell without them.

There are painful and difficult times when we may not be chirping bluebirds.
Maybe someone calls you a name. Maybe there's a war.

But chronic stress is, quite literally, fatal.
Don't let hard times take your most essential
and beautiful humanity from you.

The ability to let go of a problem
is one of the highest functions of our consciousness.

We cannot fight the dragon all day long.
We need to rest, hug, smile, love.

Beethoven and Mozart left
incredible legacies of their beautiful thoughts.
And they lived in times of constant wars and battles.

I take all that to mean that love is more than a joy.
It is my responsibility to strengthen love in my consciousness
at all times, especially when everyone else seems to be on another page of the Book of Life.

Work your way to your highest thoughts when you are struggling.
Get out. Let go.
Focus on love or peace
or just not screaming or going off on someone,
whatever you can manage.

But move toward the light, the wisdom of flowers.
That way the butterflies will land on you and cheer you up.

Copyright © 2001 by John MacEnulty
9/23/2001, St. Louis, MO


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