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the Vocalist   the Vocalist
Classical Singer   Classical Singer
Meredith College: Studies in Voice   Meredith College: Studies in Voice
ASU: School of Music   ASU: School of Music
UNCG: School of Music   UNCG: School of Music

Friends' Websites

RichHeart Music   RichHeart Music
The Genius Frequency(tm)   The Genius Frequency(tm)
Wings Dance Company   Wings Dance Company

Links, Tests, & Info. on Personality Typology & Psychology

Aura Colors   Aura Colors
Ansir: 3 Sides of YouŽ Test   Ansir: 3 Sides of You® Test
Eclectic Energies Free Enneagram Test   Eclectic Energies Free Enneagram Test
Enneagram Institute   Enneagram Institute (Free RHETI Sampler)
SimilarMinds   SimilarMinds (Enneagram Test, etc.)
MMDI Personality Preferences Test   MMDI Personality Preferences Test
The Highly Sensitive Person   The Highly Sensitive Person (HSP)

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